WIC EBT Implementation

On 18 June 2009, JRW Service Corp was awarded the Isleta WIC Program’s Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) implementation project.

JRW Service Corp will plan the Programs systems upgrade strategy, help the program to navigate and plan for data migration, and will ensure overall success brining EBT functionally to the Pueblo and its WIC recipients.

JRW Service Corp is highly experienced in EBT Implementation and brings the knowledge from having managed EBT Systems Implementations and development in addition to having conducted and reviewed client satisfaction and Program performance reporting. JRW understands the details of WIC Program requirements described under 7 CFR Part 246 lending JRW fully able to assist WIC Programs in their analysis of Program implementation options.

JRW Service Corp’s project management services over the WIC Programs implementation will include regular status meetings covering upcoming project milestones, goals, action items, and assignments. Moreover, JRW will track the WIC Programs EBT Project, status of tasks, within the immediate scope of the project activities.

Further, JRW will create and manage the project plan including detailed schedule of events, tasks, and milestones. JRWs close management of the project schedule baseline will help to ensure the successful and smooth implementation of the WIC EBT and new food rule logic into the system, including the issuance and redemption of EBT WIC benefits now including Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (FFV/FFB).

JRW will assist in a hands on fashion with certification of vendors into the vendor’s new EBT WIC Redemption program. Vendors surrounding the Pueblo will participate in both the state of New Mexico and the Pueblo’s EBT offline WIC Smartcard Programs. JRW will work with the vendors to ensure that WIC dual operation functions properly, that BIN numbers and multiple APL files are understood and functional within each environment. In addition, JRW will work as an extension of the Programs IT team, creating system test environments, test planning, working to certify software versions, migrating databases between environments, and fully testing system functionally. JRW will assist the Program with User Acceptance Testing (UAT) through planning and conduct of testing activities.

JRW Service Corp is excited to take on another EBT WIC Implementation project and the team looks forward to helping the Isleta WIC Program bring EBT and the new WIC food rule and packages smoothly into their environment offline EBT WIC environment.

JRW Service Corp is excited with the ever-changing WIC EBT landscape and looks forward to more states implementation of WIC EBT and toward their clients receiving the many unique benefits offered through EBT WIC. Further, JRW is excited about brining to the foreground our many ideas regarding value add services, products, and software tools, such as the soon-to-be hand scanner device underdevelopment at SoliSystems and other innovative ideas which drive EBT WIC to the forefront of quality government benefit delivery systems.

JRW’s EBT implementation and EBT consulting bring peace of mind our clients rest knowing that our IT systems implementation experience in close combination with our unique WIC EBT implementation and EBT systems consulting experience are at work for them. JRW’s expertise from funding request, to and through planning, and from implementation and beyond are what make our team the most knowledgeable and helpful EBT Consulting agencies in the WIC market.