JRW EBT WIC in Pennsylvania

JRW Service Corp’s John Weathersby has been selected by the Pennsylvania WIC Program to assist and consult in the creation of the Commonwealth’s IAPD documentation and

Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA). Mr. Weathersby began with the Commonwealth in November of 2009 and will have a completed documentation set by December 2010. The JRW Service Corp methodologies, approach to analysis, and planning will be used in support of the Commonwealth’s objectives.

JRW will work with the Program to apply the Commonwealth specific operations to the USDA CBA national model. JRW assist the Commonwealth with determining its operating costs and projecting costs of various eWIC solutions.

Because of our extensive EBT, eWIC, and retail industry experience, systems development, and implementation planning experience JRW brings a leverageable base of knowledge to the Pennsylvania WIC Program.

JRW will lead the Commonwealth to selecting the most beneficial and fiscally sustainable solution, using the national CBA format, that takes advantage of their system platform and available program staff.

JRW’s goal in working with a WIC Program planning their EBT implementation is to ensure the planning which goes into selecting a technology, for operational changes, and the analysis of financial impact, ensures the change will result in a positive change for the program.

EBT’s benefit’s all flow out from the participant. Any change to the WIC Program should take a client centric approach. All changes should result in a better program for the client, be fiscally sustainable, and ensure smoother leaner operations. As such, JRW will seek to ensure the Pennsylvania WIC Program planning works to meet these goals in seeking to select and plan for the Pennsylvania EBT solution.